When to Buy LOL Accounts

With so many websites enticing people to buy League of Legends account, some might be wondering if it’s already time to purchase one for themselves to help them get a better rankings. While there are some who would like to sweat the details first of weighing the pros and cons when you buy league of legends account, here are some of the scenarios where you should definitely and seriously consider buying an account for yourself:

1. You don’t like playing unranked or lower ranked games

There are players who think that playing from the starting line is a huge waste of time. In LOL, the levels lower than 30 are games that only help the player to accumulate the required IPs to move on the ranked games found in level 30. However, if you are a long-time gamer (e.g. a DOTA expert) you might not be so amicable in starting from the bottom and making your way up the traditional way. Buying LOL smurfs can help you skip all the tedious games and get to the meat of things immediately.

2. You don’t like wasting your time or money playing unranked games

In LOL, you need to collect the required amount of IPs in order to purchase boosters like a hero or a champion. However, if you think about it, purchasing an LOL account is a lot cheaper than playing the normal way. For example, to reach the level 30, a player should devote more than 200 hours of his precious time just to level up. In comparison, the average price of a LOL account is only around $15. Not a bad investment considering all those hours that you need to sit down and play unranked games in LOL to get to the next level.

3. You are tired of getting stuck in the same level

Most players, have experienced LOL hell in one form or another. It is when you had already spent over 90 hours of your life just trying to get past a tough level. Buying an account will help definitely help you move on.