A single wheeled cart that is known as wheelbarrow which historians presumed that it was invented by Chuko Liang who happens to be a Chinese general and as the date back the soldiers of Chuko Liang used the wheelbarrow to carry soldiers. The word wheelbarrow is made up of two words, wheel which refers to a tool to move loads and barrow which means a device used for carrying loads. Wheelbarrow for now is considered as the most popular tool or instrument that is able to carry loads and to lighten our burden of carrying such load. Originally wheelbarrow is made out of pure wood but today’s wheelbarrow comes in a durable metal frame with rubberized front wheel. The handle of modern wheelbarrow is made of wood and they are sealed with rubber grip for comfort. More information on wheelbarrow on the site

Daily uses of wheelbarrow

Throughout the centuries there have been a wide range uses of a wheelbarrow. One of the most important applications of a wheelbarrow is often used in construction sites. It is used for carrying loads like mortar, cement, mixing concretes, bricks and many more. Wheelbarrow can also be used to carry junks which are required to be moved away from the construction site.
When it comes to gardening wheelbarrow is a required tool to carry or move loads like top soil, seeds, compost, fertilizer, from one part to another. The wheelbarrow will ease the stress of moving from one place to another and it can ease back pain of carrying a load from one location to another.
Wheelbarrow is an advantage tool for landscapers wherein they modify the environment, they can beautify it or they can protect it from hazard. With the use of wheelbarrow for landscapers, they can use it to transport shrubs, trees, gravels and others and transfers the materials from one location to another.
This is to prove that wheelbarrow has a wide range of daily uses and aside from gardening and other small projects, the ease and convenience for wheelbarrow to carry loads.