Best Clippers for Cats- Nail Care for Cats

Does your cat or kitten disappears when the clippers comes out? Do you have to pay hide and seek for them to show up? Do you really need to give them food to catch them? It's really hard though, it's kind a big responsibility to have a pet at home.

If your cat can be always calm, easy, and behave during nail-trimming session, they will have healthy feet, and it will be free from scratch, they need to achieve their famed acrobatic landings. There are best clippers for cat, and it is important to clean your cat's paws and examine it in a regular basis. More information on best clippers for cats click here.

Your cat's feet should always be clean and well-groomed. Everyday, you have to give your cat's paws a gentle wipe with a damp cloth, then you have to check between their toes and the paw pads.

Cats are natural explorers, and they love to go from one place to another. You have to check your cat's paws everyday, to see if they have sores, splinters, cuts or swellings. If you see one, remove the splinters or debris with a tweezer gently and slowly, and clean small cuts. If you see any blood coming out, pus or a bad odor, bring them immediately to the vet to avoid infection.

Aside from causing pain, there are unhealthy substances that can stick to your cat's feet, and may end up on their tongue during grooming. If you noticed that your cat is cleaning their paws, limping or favoring one leg at a time, you have to observe and investigate, because they might require attention from the vet.
Sometimes you have to talk to your cat, make them feel that they are safe because there are cats, that can sense something and would scare them and would run away. So it’s better to do some friendly chit-chatting with your pet at times.