Party Safely with Reagent Testing Kits

The party scene is not complete without someone bringing out some psychedelic substances to assure that everyone gets to have some fun. But there are times when dealers mix things up and give you more than the “clean fun” you are asking for or if a stranger offers you a pill and you are unsure about taking it. A reagent testing kit will be of good use for the party goer who wants to get high responsibly. More information on scott reagent on

What’s in it?
The testing kits comes with Ehrlich, Scott, or Marquis reagent and these reagents help determine if the substance your testing has harmful contaminants in them like cocaine, LSD, MDMA, and many more.

How to use it
Using the testing kit is simple. Get a small sample from the substance you want to test, add the reagent, look out for what color comes out and then check the color chart that comes with your testing kit to see the results. If there is no color change, then the substance do not have any of the drugs your kit is capable of detecting.

Some precautions while using the kit
• Make sure that you use only one type of test kit at a time. Mixing up your reagents can contaminate the mixture and this will affect their effectivity and accuracy.
• Make sure that you are doing the test in a well-lit area so that you can determine the color accurately.
• Some reagents may have strong chemicals in them that can damage your skin so be sure to read the labels and instructions in your kit and make sure that you handle them carefully.
• Clean up your utensils after each test. Be sure that they are completely dry before using them again.
Looking for some “clean fun” when partying is alright as long as you know which ones you can take and tolerate. With a reagent testing kit, you will be able to party responsibly without having to worry about unwanted and uncontrollable intoxication.