Dragons appeared in famous movies such as How to Train Your Dragon, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Mulan, Sleeping Beautyand more and in all of these movies dragons look as if they are strong, majestic, undefeated, and powerful and this is the common impression of people to dragons.


There are different interpretation and illustration of dragon name generator per culture and origin. In Europe, they see dragon to be breathing with fire, scale skin, with horn, similar to lizard creature. They are sometimes leathery, hasfour legs, wings, and a strong tail.In India, it is illustrated as a breed of an enormous serpent with three heads that often eats elephants in India. Meanwhile, in China, their dragons are most commonly portrayed as snake-like with four legs. Since dragons in China are commonly described to be powerful and strong, it is then being used by the Emperor of China to be the symbol of his regal power and strength.There are lots of representation of dragons in the world. Persians, Americans, Jewish, Japanese, and Vietnamese also believes in dragons and they all have their own illustration and description too.


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