Book Reccomendations

Here are a few books you can read alongside you buddhist statue.

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings by Thich Nhat Hanh

Is meditation something you’d like to rey? Well, we have a book for you. The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings can help give you a better understanding of the framework surrounding the practices. Thich Nhat Hanh who is an activist, poet, monk, and the author of this book has expertly written and explained the basic Buddhist teachings. Thich Nhat Hanh has made sure that everyone especially those who are new to this practice will be able to understand it. The book isn’t just about meditation but it also offers you the deep teaching surrounding Buddhist meditation and ethics. Learn about buddhist statue on

Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das

Awakening the Buddha Within is a book filled with powerful thoughts, insights, stories, and practices for those new to meditation. The author, Lama Surya Das, used storytelling and examples in the book to make it easier for us readers to understand meditation practice. Lama Surya Das Is an American Buddhist teacher who teaches in the Tibetan lineage. This book offers us a path to cultivate qualities like compassion, kindness, mindfulness, and wisdom though meditation, ethics, chanting, and other mindfulness practices. The focus of this book is to cultivate the qualities we already have within us instead of pulling things in from the outside.

Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson

Another great book for those who are new to meditation is Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson. This book is not directly about meditation but it is an incredible for newcomers when it comes to meditation practices. The author, Rick Hanson, is a neuropsychologist. Through the book, he shared his deep understanding of the human brain and co-related it to how meditation can help us in different ways in our daily lives. Dr. Rick Hanson gives us scientific evidence and valid research to back up his claims. This is an amazing book for those who are curious about the science behind meditation.