Amazing world time zone map facts

The world has a lot to offer especially for travel enthusiasts. However, the thrill of traveling the world can be achieved if you’ll consider checking the world time zone map. You may not notice some amazing facts about each destination but we’ll let you notice in this article. More information on time zone map on

Crossing borders
Have you considered crossing a border for a short period? Well, it’s possible. If you’re in China, you can cross the border between the country and Pakistan. It only takes three and half hours to cross the border. However, you must ask the Pakistan Foreign Office if you plan to do it.

Celebrate your birthday twice
Do you want to celebrate your birthday twice on the same date? This is how you do it. You celebrate it first in Samoa then take a morning flight the next day to American Samoa. How it becomes possible? Because you're crossing the International Date Line when you take a flight to American Samoa.
Now, if you don’t want to spend Christmas for a year, travel in the other direction.

Daylight saving time
Are you annoyed switching your time every time the DST strikes? If you’re living in the UK and North America, it’s impossible to skip DST. However, if you’re living in Australia and Brazil, you have the option. The souther half of these countries don’t observe DST.


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Top Auckland SEO Services for your Online Success

Gone are the days when the only way for people to learn about certain products or services are on TV, prints ads or even the radio. The marketing and business world has evolved. Now, you have powerful services like Auckland SEO that will help you thrive in your online endeavors. These include:

 Keyword Search
When it comes to online marketing and ranking high on search engines, keyword search is vital. You need first to know which keywords to target before making a plan to increase your presence online, drive traffic to your site and increase your Google rankings. Find more details about link visit on

In general, there should be one or two targeted unique keywords in every page on your site/domain. These keywords cover the main aspects of your business so when a prospect customer types in these keywords in searching online, your site comes up. There are several tools available online that can help you find the right keywords to use. Some are free and some requires payment. There are great keyword trackers, however, that are easy to use, accurate and inexpensive you can use.

 Page Creation
The next step is to create the pages to the SEO content you need for attracting customers. Page creation is one of the services most online marketing agencies offer. A reliable SEO agency will help you create relevant page with optimum chance of ranking high. When creating pages, don’t forget the include unique valuable content in short concise paragraphs using one to two relevant keywords and simple URLs.

 Page Optimization
If your website just needs some improvement, Page Optimization is the best SEO service to consider. After the keyword search, page optimization helps by including relevant keywords into the page content.

Auckland SEO does not have to be too complicated. When you have the right digital marketing firm on your side, you can easily manage your site and be optimized online.


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