House Design and Garage Door – Find the Best Match!

As the owner of the house, you have the final say on what it’s going to look like – modern, classic, country-style, anything. But if you are having some doubts about your choices and you’re not confident with what others suggest you to do, then may be it’s time that you seek the advice of professionals. Of course, planning should not end on the house itself but on the façade as well which involves garage doors. Read on and help yourself in making decisions.

Country Style

Although we are now in modern era, there are some who envy individuals who live in country-style home designs. Why would not they? It’s so homey, with the perfect curb appeal, fenceposts that classically stood in time and so much more. So, what do we balance the scenario that our neighbors would definitely get jealous with?

Match: Steel garage door painted in white finish with small arched window

Craftsmen Style

One could identify if the house is built from labor of love, poured in with impeccable ideas on quality and purpose – this is what the craftsmen style home presents. Its homeowner definitely is bold on his/her ideas on what the house should look like, making it unique and different from the others. With such dramatic façade, what could be the best match of outside door?
Match: Insulated steel core with composite overlays, consider an arched windows and decorative hardware

Modern Style

Minimalistic with several spreads of glasses – there are the common characteristics of a modern style homes. They are also known for their clean frontage and flat lined roofs. Modern styles unexpectedly go with elegant and classy garage doors. So, what do we suggest you install outside?

Match: A wooden garage door to bring up warmth and appeal with narrow windows to fill up garage area with natural light.

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